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Decorative, out of the way Trash Receptacle designed to repurpose your empty 50 lb feed sacks. Mount in the tack room or breezeway using 1/2" lag crews (not included). Dimensions: 23" high, 20" wide, 12"deep.

Other suggested uses:

*Planter - can even be mounted outside your front door to change arrangements with the seasons. 

*Firewood holder- could be mounted next to your fireplace.

*Random Tack catch-all

*Safe package delivery drop-off

Send us your ideas!


DBH Fancy Wall Basket

  • 1) Store additional 50# sacks folded underneath the one in use.

    2) Concerned about odors from your trash? Pick up a "Chip Clip" (designed for potato chips...) from the grocerie store to close the top of the bag.