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Please contact us for a shipping quote for your DBH order, shipping is not included in prices. Go ahead and fill your cart with your likes and desires and then fill out the "contact form" or enter the chat. We will respond ASAP.


Hard to think of a reason anyone would want to return a Draft Barn Hardware product! We super inspect every creation over and over during the build process. Materials used are way over engineered for the tasks the items are created for and the workmanship is hand done by top level accomplished welders and crafters. We disclose from the get-go that no finish on steel that is designed to rub against steel will last and therefore will require regular maintenance and re-finishing to keep that "gallery fresh" look. In short, no guarantee on any finish though we start and supply you with the best there is!

All that being said, if for some reason our product is not as we've described, or does not function as intended, we'll certainly make it right.


Online we accept Visa, Mastercard and soon to come Paypal.

Onsite/Local - cash, check, credit card or Paypal.

Full payment is expected at the time of sale including shipping and taxes.


As a small start-up business and the current pricing of raw steel materials, we are not yet in the possition to offer wholesale pricing. If you are interested in a large order for the purpose of resale and the investment funds are available to develop that level, we'd be glad to sit down and have that chat.

Our interactions and presentations so far with industry leaders have elicited a response that favors Draft Barn Hardware a sure bet to go very far!

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