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  • Why do my barn doors sag?
    This would depend on the quality of the hinge and the quality of the structure. We have the quality of the hinge. Our hinge barrel has 1/4" walls. By us going this route, it minimizes surface to surface area wear. Also, this is why we do not have the need for nylon bushings. The DBH mini hinge was strength tested at 2,500 pounds. After the test was completed, the integrity of the hinge was not compromised. (The biggest beefiest hinge we could find from the big box stores yielded failure at 600 lbs. and totally destructed at 1880 lbs).
  • What kind of expertise has gone into the design and workmanship of DBH products?
    One of the 3 owners, Stefan (artist name Steebo) has over 30 years of experience in creating big steel sculptures located in over 20 states. He has also created functional pieces such as railings and gates. He forged and welded max sized hinges and latches for his own barn after not finding anything substantial enough for his 2 horses (one of which is a Percheron weighing over 2,000 pounds). His designs are substantial and beautiful. Another of our owners, Mark, has over 40 years experience welding and fabricating. He is also a American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welding Inspector. Together with Stefan, they are constantly designing and improving our products. Our pieces have a powder coat finish. Most have a 2-step automotive grade e-coat and powder coat finish.
  • Can you custom make a piece of hardware I need?
    Currently, our Max Hinge can be custom ordered in varying strap lengths. We welcome suggestions for other pieces that are needed in this market. Our goal is to bring back well built, durable, aesthetically pleasing made in the US steel products. This may mean building current products "beefier" and/or redesigning products that do not serve their purpose well (see our upcoming Slow Feed EZ Stuff Stand).
  • What kind of finish is used on DBH products
    Our pieces have a powder coat finish. Most have a 2-step automotive grade e-coat and powder coat finish. The e-coat penetrates the steel so even if the powder coat finish may get scratched or worn, the e-coat is still there giving further protection against rusting (over time, rust may still happen).
  • How do I care for my hinges?
    Included with the purchase of every hinge is a care packet that has an applicator and lube tube along with the following instructions: Lube all metal to metal surfaces. 1. Take out the pin. 2. Lubricate the entire pin, entire inside surface of hinge and knuckle and flat surfaces in between hinges and knuckle. 3. Thoroughly wipe off all excess grease after reassembly so it does not attract dirt. Reapply as needed. Note: If you ordered the set screw safety feature, be sure to remove the set screw before removing the barrel. It would also be a good idea to reapply anti-seize lubricant to the set screw threads before re-installing. Tip: Even though two hinges will suffice for most doors, 3 hinges would make it easier to service your hinge. Two hinges will hold the door in place as the third hinge pin is removed and surfaces lubricated as in steps 1-3 above.
  • Why not have a grease fitting for our hinges?
    It won't coat all metal to metal surfaces. A grease fitting would be needed on every knuckle of the barrel.
  • Can shipping and handling charges vary from quoted S&H fees for each product?
    For larger orders, freight shipping may become necessary. you would need to contact us for such orders and we will look for and price the cheapest way to send your order.
  • What about returns?
    Hard to think of anyone wanting to return a Draft Barn Hardware product. Materials used are way over engineered for the tasks the items are created for and the workmanship is hand done by accomplished welders and crafters. We disclose from the get-go that no finish on steel that is designed to rub against steel will last and therefore will require maintenance over time to keep that "fresh" look. In short, no guarantee on any finish. Parts undergo a 2-step process, either a steel penetrating e-coat followed by a powder coat or two layers of powder coating. If for some reason our product is not as described, we will work to make it right. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. We reserve the right to refuse returns and/or charge a restocking fee. LTL shipments are non-returnable.
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