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About Draft Barn Hardware

Handmade in Hendersonville, NC  - durable hardware made to inspire your next dream build.

(Display table was located at SS Saddlery in Columbus, NC)


Our Story

Draft Barn Hardware is a family owned business run by 3 of us. I'm Brigitte, getting to work with my brother, Stefan and my husband Mark. Stefan, better known as "Steebo" has made metal creations, both whimsical and functional, for decades. Mark is an AWS Certified Weld Inspector and has welded and fabricated for decades. Me, well I taught special education for 32 years and got recruited to take care of the odds and ends of running a business and ultimately ended up working in the shop as well. Our business venture got started to bring beautiful heavy duty steel hardware to consumers because we noticed a gaping void in the market.

(A special thank-you to Mark Levin - You Tube channel The Country Life with Columbus Mark. Here's the link for a special 9 minute video he did to tell our story: Crafting Timeless Treasures For Your Barn Thanks for being part of our journey!)

How It's Made

The 3 Owners at Work

Stefan Steebo building DBH forge
Mark at DBH with tumbler made by DBH
Brigitte working at DBH
Steebo and Mark making loops for DBH products
Mark welding
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