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Retail price is $190 but currently being offered at and introductory price of $160!

We are offering DBH Latches in 3 sizes to flow with the DBH Hinges. "Mini", Mid", and "Max".

The Mid Latch featured here is 3/8" plate steel as a base. Mount with 1/2" carriage bolt or lag screw (not included). It weighs about 10 pounds; forged loops! Other dimensions coming to this website very soon.

Prices subject to change.

DBH "Mid" Latch

$190.00 Regular Price
$160.00Sale Price
  • Please contact us prior to ordering so that we can quote you a shippig charge for your entire order rather than per each piece.

  • Please be sure to read our care and warranty thoroughly before purchasing to become familiar with care and expectations of finishes in high traffic areas.